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She:koli Kuwasaniha:wi ni:yukyats ohkwa:li niwaki’talo”t^ On^yota’a:ka: niwakuhutsyo:t^. Hello my name is Amanda Lillian Kennedy and my Spirit name is Kuwasaniha:wi, it means “in her name they carry” in the On^yota’a:ka (Oneida) language. I was given my name by my auntie Norma Kennedy. I am Haudenosaunee and from the Oneida Nation of the Thames, Iroquois and I am Bear Clan. I am a colonized, urbanized, marginalized child and youth of yesterday and the daughter and granddaughter of Residential Schools Survivors. Today I am a Child and Youth Advocate, Educator, Facilitator, Consultant, the Founder of Yotuni “Its Growing” Indigenous Social Enterprise and a Indigenous Woman Leader.

“There is truth and awareness coming forward on Residential Schools, the 60’s scoop, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, and many other issues the Indigenous People continue to struggle with. With this awareness and truth light is shed on why our People are lost, disconnected and suffering. These issues as well as intergenerational trauma continue to affect the Indigenous Peoples, families, communities and Nations.  I am aware of many issues that are still here today that are majorly affecting our children, youth, adults and Elders. I strongly believe that together we can help break these vicious cycles and help the Indigenous People heal and grow, in return empowering healing, growth, relations and change for people from all walks of life. It starts with learning how to open our hearts, minds, and most importantly our ears to listen to learn.”

Amanda L. Kennedy

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Julianna Hazlewood

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